5 Cybersecurity Protocols that Your Cybersecurity Engineer Should Apply

The purpose of this article is to provide a broad consideration of cybersecurity while maintaining sufficient depth so that non-technical professionals gain a better understanding of the technological aspects.

The Most Common Cybersecurity Risks

Given the growing cybersecurity risks, many organizations are taking a proactive approach to address the security risks of their information technology systems and networks. Organizations are beginning to realize that tackling cybersecurity issues is an ongoing activity or process, not a project with a clear start and finish line. At the same time, the need to synthesize various scientific directions of safety analysis is clearly visible, which makes it possible to use the accumulated scientific and methodological tools.

If, for example, the industrial safety of hazardous production facilities is a state of protection of the vital interests of the individual and society from accidents at these industries, then technological safety considers internal and external threats in the implementation of used or projected technologies, as well as the protection of scientific, technical and technological information from unauthorized use and impact. The objects of technological safety are scientific and technical activities and education, information, environmental technologies, industrial production, agriculture, energy, transport infrastructure.

In general terms, secure data share is ahead of their legal regulation and it is possible that new aspects of their development will emerge, which will require their regulation at the national and international legal level, nevertheless, any emerging issues in one way or another will be related to the problem of transboundary Internet governance, safe use and action against illegal use of the Internet.

The probability that a safety-related system will satisfactorily perform the required safety functions under all specified conditions for a specified time interval. To support the proposed methodological approach, an intelligent system for analyzing cyber threats and assessing the risks of breaching the cyber security of critical infrastructure is being developed.

5 Cybersecurity Protocols for Your Cybersecurity Engineer

  1. Most often, security measures are determined by the level of threats and risks. Both concepts are discussed in sufficient detail. However, in simple terms, cyberspace is full of threats, but mitigation measures must be determined by the level of risk. 
  2. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) defines risk as “the effect of uncertainty on objectives” (the effect can be a positive or negative deviation from what is expected). 
  3. Since the measures taken to ensure the safety of something must be proportional to the value of the person whose safety is being provided, there are different levels of safety depending on the level of value and risk. Securing cyberspace, therefore, entails a number of considerations to mitigate risks and threats by promoting availability and openness to all different types of interconnected networks and devices. Striking the right balance between access, usability, and security is a major challenge.
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  5. In the cybersecurity protocols, a particular model of threats is presented in the form of a graph model describing the cause-and-effect chain of threats to cybernetic and energy security, their causes, consequences, as well as the likelihood of their occurrence and the degree of criticality of an extreme situation.

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