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With various antiviruses out there, AVG is one of the most popular antiviruses out there. It offers a remarkable three-year plan to its users which entails ideal features for excellent protection while using your PC. In this AVG antivirus review, we are going to have an in-depth look at AVG and what it has to offer.

It might not be as secure as other antivirus options out there, AVG has proven to be an ideal tool in keeping your computer secure. Back in 2016, AVG was acquired by Avast, and these since then, these two platforms operate in a similar manner.

Setup Being a very user-friendly application, AVG free antivirus can easily be downloaded from its website and have it installed in a few seconds. The software gives users simple customization options, such as real-time file checking, behavioral monitoring and much more. This is a similar approach used by Avast Free Antivirus.

Free Features

One can try out the free plan that AVG offers, which entails basic protection. The free plan protects against malware and also comes with ransomware protection, which is a paid feature in most antiviruses. Apart from malware protection, one also gets email protection and download monitoring.

With each install, AVG comes with its own secure browser, which is very much like Google Chrome browser. AVG secure browser has password manager, ad blocker, privacy cleaner and other features ideal to the user.

AVG’s paid features

A relevant feature of AVG’s paid plan is the Internet Security feature. It essentially incorporates two features, TuneUp, and Internet Security. TuneUp has proven to be an appropriate feature for the paid plan. It works by constantly cleaning your machine, enhancing performance (identifying slow applications) and looking for any disk issues. AVG has a VPN feature which is not included in the paid feature, but one can subscribe to.

Other features of AVG include file shredder, parental control, webcam protection, phishing protection, firewall and so much more. AVG is available for Windows, macOS and Android platforms.

Pricing AVG offers three different plans to its users. They are as follows: Free Plan – This is free and comes with basic protection, PC performance tuneup, browser monitoring and is available to Windows users only.

Internet Security – This is a paid plan which costs $69.99 per year. It features include webcam protection, encrypted folders, enhanced firewalls, and is available to both Windows and Android users. Ultimate – This is a premium package which is billed at $99.99 per year. Its features include advanced antivirus, live chat support, PC tuneup package, and is available to Windows, Android, and macOS users.


User experience and unlimited device protection are what mainly separates this antivirus with others in the market. It offers good protection but not the best out there. It might offer market leading protection, but AVG is a smart choice for most PC users out there. It offers the core protection features that one needs for their machine. Once installed, you should not be exposed to common attacks and exploits out there

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