Best Insulated Dog Houses 2019

The choice of dog kennels has been significantly enriched, in terms of design, models, designs. On the other hand, the materials from which the dog houses are made have remained the same. A modern veterinary store offers a large selection, and we will look at the best insulated dog houses in 2019. So, what do manufacturers of kennels for our pets offer today?

Types of dog houses by materials

Previously, dog houses were made mainly of wood. Today, the choice has somewhat expanded, and dog houses can be made of bricks, plastic, cardboard. When choosing a house, we first look very much at the reliability of the structure and at how warm it is. And you may be wondering that any house for a dog can be insulated.

Warm wooden dog house

Probably any person at the mention of a dog house will first imagine a wooden model. This is a classic option for any breed, both outdoors and indoors. A tree has many advantages:

  • lasting
  • warm
  • eco-friendly
  • aesthetically pleasing
  • quite affordable.

Such material provides complete freedom for design decisions. This is the definite advantage of wooden models over others. On the other hand, it also has a number of its drawbacks:

  • insect vulnerability
  • relatively short service life
  • some varieties of wood are unstable to moisture

But if you approach the choice of a wooden house responsibly, and choose a model, each of cedar, with insulated walls, then the pet will be fine there.

Insulated dog houses made of plastic

This is a great and affordable solution with many benefits. A house made of plastic has several advantages:

  • easy to clean
  • a lightweight
  • cheap price
  • not afraid of water

However, such models can be unreliable before winter cold and poorly protect from frost. Therefore, if you have a cold and windy climate, think about warmer options.

Metal: durable and lightweight

This category of houses, which is more likely to be used temporarily. The metal house for dogs has the function of an aviary and is used for educational purposes, for example, training for obedience and patience.

Metal structures can be used at home, like playpens, or outdoors, but not for a long time.

Design solutions for dog houses

If, for example, you have decided on the model of the house, then it is time to choose the best design that suits your interior, you and your friend. Veterinary stores offer different solutions for this.

Classic as a one-stop solution

Traditional classic houses are what we are used to seeing in films and cartoons, with neighbors or with parents outside the city, i.e. everywhere. This design looks familiar: the walls are made of wood, at the top, there is a sloping, gable roof made of slate, plywood or the same tree.

Such houses are very popular with the owners for their durability, simplicity and the ability to use them all year round.


This model has become very popular, because in the houses in the form of traditional houses for the Eskimos there is something cozy and even fabulous. We all know that igloo is home, especially for the harsh climate. The developers of dog houses also do this specifically to protect your pet from the cold. Such houses have ventilation systems that provide air circulation, without lowering temperatures.


If you have the opposite situation: you live in a hot place, where there is a lot of sunshine and dry air, then a canopy dog ​​with canopies will perfectly protect your pet, creating a shadow.

This solution has a canvas roof and looks like a gazebo. These are very lighthouses, convenient for transportation and travel.

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