AVG: Secrets and Features

For those who are not in the know, we must inform you that in 2016 AVG Technologies was acquired by Avast Software. The new free antivirus from AVG is a completely different product, there is almost nothing left of the original AVG in it, the program runs on the engine and Avast technologies. Therefore, it makes no sense to describe the list of changes, because the old AVG and the new are two different products. Let’s take a close look at the detailed AVG review to get the point.

Program installation

From the official website of developers, you need to download an installer of 287 MB in size. Here is a link to a page where you can download the full distribution for your operating system capacity. Run the file, wait for the completion of unpacking the necessary components.

  1. Before starting the installation of the free AVG Free 2019 antivirus, you need to uncheck the box responsible for installing additional software in the face of the Google Chrome browser.
  2. Then he went in search of new pitfalls by clicking on the “Custom installation”. In the following, you can find the free base version of AVG antivirus.
  3. The program will offer to confirm the installation path, as well as the set of installed protective components, it is better to leave everything by default.
  4. Press the green button and wait 5 minutes.

That’s all, your antivirus is ready to work.

Anti-virus protection components

Resident protection. File antivirus that checks created, launched, and modified objects for threats. The additional CyberCapture technology is considered to be part of the resident protection. CyberCapture is a further development of DeepScreen technology, already familiar to us from previous versions of Avast antivirus. Only DeepScreen performs an analysis of the launched suspicious programs on the user’s computer and CyberCapture on the development servers. Both DeepScreen and CyberCapture are present in AVG Free, even though there are only options for the latter in the settings. In tests, one or the other technology works, apparently the antivirus itself decides how to analyze a specific object.

Program analysis. Perhaps the fattest piece left over from the original AVG, previously called Identity Protection. A proactive defense component that monitors the behavior of running processes. If suspicious activity is detected, the dangerous program is blocked automatically, or a request is issued to the user.

Email Protection mail. The component checks incoming and outgoing messages in stationary mail clients for threats.

Online shield. A full-fledged web antivirus that scans all HTTP traffic and prevents visits to malicious sites.

Antivirus Setup

Before we move on to the recommendations for configuring AVG Free, it is worth paying your attention to one point: there is no enhanced mode in this antivirus, unlike the original Avast. Even though the exception editor has a tab “Advanced mode”, you cannot enable it through the program settings, there is simply no such item there. Another mistake from the developers of Avast. So, how to setup:

  • In the main window of AVG Free 2019, click “Menu” – “Settings”.
  • Are common. Turn on “Search for potentially unwanted applications.”
  • Components – Resident Protection – Settings. Scan on open – Scan all files.
  • Components – Program Analysis – Settings. For beginners and ordinary users, be sure to enable “Automatically move detected threats to quarantine.”
  • Components – Online Shield – Settings. Basic settings – Warn when downloading files with a bad reputation. Sensitivity – Heuristic – High.

This antivirus is a very good solution for protecting your computer. You can safely trust your system to this solution because it is from trusted developers.

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